Quality, Safety, Environment


Fonderie Pavinato adopts a quality management system certified by DNV. 
The quality of the alloy is guaranteed by:
- purchase of standardized alloys from selected suppliers.
- chemical analysis carried out with a spectrometer both on purchased alloys and on castings made.
We can show a detailed report of the alloy used to make the casting supplied. 
The quality of the product is monitored during all stages of production:
- During the moulding process, an employee performs random checks at predetermined intervals,
- During the removal of the casting from the sprue, an employee performs random checks and gives operational instructions to the department staff.
- Before the shipment is made, another check of the product is performed. 
This is integrated by the supervision of the Quality Manager.
For the inspection of the alloy and the castings, we also have tools such as:
- High-precision SPECTROMAXx spectrometer
- Dea for three-dimensional measurements
- X-ray equipment to check internal porosity
- Equipment for vacuum moulding. 
- Flir 50 thermocamera to analyse the temperature of the mould.


Fonderie Pavinato adopts a management system for health and safety at work according to the UNI POS ed.2001 guidelines.
Regulatory references:
- UNI INAIL ed. guidelines 2001
- Legislative Decree 231/2001 " Administrative Responsibility of legal persons" 


Fonderie Pavinato complies with all environmental regulations and holds the Integrated Environmental Authorisation issued by the Province of Vicenza with Decree no. 1159 of 30/09/2020. 
We pay particular attention to the environment by selecting all the chemicals and consumables used in the process not only based on their "yield" but also by assessing their environmental impact.